Print Resources is able to convert you book into a professional and polished eBook in the right format for the right device. To help you maximise the sales potential of your book and reach a wider readership, we can convert it into an e-book compatible format to be read on all the most popular e-book readers including Amazon Kindle, the Apple iPad and Nook.

See some of our example eBooks below (click for live preview):

Document Conversion

We do not use automatic conversion software, which can produce unsatisfactory results such as poor formatting and adaption to small screen sizes. Print Resources formats each title to ensure it displays correctly. Our emphasis is on making your eBook compatible, attractive and easy to read on the various ebook devices.

We convert your documents into the ePub and mobi formats. Most of the popular e-reading devices will display these 2 file formats, giving your book the maximum exposure. We accept a wide range document formats for conversion, including Word, RTF, HTML, PDF, Quark and InDesign.

ePub  is an open industry format used by devices such as Apple iBooks for iPad, iPhone, SonyReader, the Nook, Stanza, Adobe Digital Editions etc.

mobi  is a the file format used by the Amazon’s Kindle, including other popular mobile devices such as mobiPocket, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Blackberry, Psion etc.

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